Mercedes C Class

Faux Leather Seat Covers

Mercedes C Class front seat covers in leatherette

Mercedes C Class front seat covers in leather effect

Mercedes C Class leather effect rear seat covers

Mercedes C Class rear seat covers in leatherette

Mercedes C Class in black and perfo silver Prestige leatherette

Seat covers allow for:

    • Side airbags
    • Headrests
    • Lumbar support adjusters
    • 60/40 split rear seats
    • Rear armrest
    • Rear side bolsters
    • Isofix attachment points
    • Heated seats
    • Map pockets

Tailored seat covers also available for:

    • Mercedes A-Class
    • Mercedes B-Class
    • Mercedes CLS
    • Mercedes E-Class
    • Mercedes G-Class
    • Mercedes GLA
    • Mercedes GLK
    • Mercedes SLK
    • Mercedes V-Class
    • Mercedes Vito



My car recently had its first service. The mechanic advised me that the leather in the front was slightly darker than in the rear. I told him that's because the front has seat covers and that is as close as I could get. (They are not actually leather). He asked me how they fitted and I said right over the seat as it is. He was very impressed and also with the price which, compared with having a seat recovered at 50 or 60k miles is actually quite cheap. JC sent me loads of samples before we were ready to make them. They sent a CD fitting guide and more pictures when I had a problem. Not easy to fit like cheap slip-overs; these have to be fitted carefully. In all it took about three hours to do the front seats. When the time comes I will be buying a new pair. I received no canvassing or payment of any kind for this letter.
Mike Houghton Reading