April 2018

Ford Fiesta (2017 on)

Seat covers for the new Ford Fiesta (2017 on) are available both for the Comfort style and the Sport style seats.

Comfort style seats are fitted to the Style, Zetec, Titanium, Titanium X and Vignale model variants.

Sports style seats are fitted to the ST-Line, ST-Line X, Active 1 and Active X model variants.

July 2017

Ford Mondeo seat covers in faux leather

Ford Mondeo (2015 on)

Photo detail of our tailored seat covers in black and perfo red Prestige leatherette with red deco stitching. Seat covers for the Ford Mondeo are also available in Classic cloth range.

January 2017

Ford B Max front seat covers in faux leather

Ford B Max

Photo of our tailored seat covers in beige Prestige leatherette kindly received from a customer based in France. Seat covers for the Ford B Max are also available in Design cloth, Classic cloth and Luxe leatherette range. More photos are available in the Gallery page.

March 2016

Fiat 500 web page

The web page for the Fiat 500 has been redesigned to reflect the popularity of this charming little Fiat. Demand for seat covers for the Fiat 500 has increased over the years and these are now one of our best selling products. Reasons for owners to purchase our seat covers vary from upholstery protection to rejuvenation of older, damaged interiors. In most instances it is a way to customise the interior of a Fiat 500 to personal taste.

The new web page starts showcasing the 'Stile Italia' design which features black and white leather effect with the addition of white piping and the Italian flag stripe. An embroidery can be added to the top part of the backrest if required.
Below you will see the 'Pop style' design which features the top portion of the seat in a different colour from the remainder of the seat. This style is not specific to the Pop model and can be supplied to fit any other models such as Lounge, Sport and so on.

Our seat covers for the Fiat 500 fit over the original / factory fitted upholstery therefore are suitable for self fitting as neither special tools nor specific experience are required. The backrest covers fasten onto the seats with Velcro and the seat-bases with elastic straps which are secured to the underside of the seat with metal hooks. Patience and attention to detail are more important than experience to achieve good results. The only bit that would require removal is the rear seat cushion which is kept in place with two bolts. Hands-on attitude always helps of course.
Our seat covers for the Fiat 500 allow for the side airbags. A special, airbag compatible seam is replicated on the front backrest covers.

Fiat 500

January 2016

Car seat covers now available for:
Fiat 500X
New Smart ForTwo
New Mazda 2
New VW Passat
New Hyundai i20
Nissan Leaf

October 2013

Wear and Tear

The main reason for car owners to fit car seat covers is to protect the original upholstery from dirt and accidental spills. However there is a less obvious reason why good quality tailored car seat covers should be considered: To slow down the wear and tear process which may go undetected for months until the colours start to fade and the fabric to thin down to a degree that is no longer acceptable. This is a steady process which even regular cleaning cannot reverse. Nowadays car manufacturers are increasingly rejecting claims of premature wear of the upholstery arguing that this is part of the normal process of wear and tear so complete replacement of the original car seat covers may be necessary at some point in a car's lifetime. However do not expect the new car seat covers to wear any better. Furthermore upholstery replacement can be very expensive, and even if replaced under the manufacturer's warranty you may still be charged for the cost of fitting. Keeping the car seats in good shape seems to be a difficult task these days unless precautions are taken at an early stage by fitting tailor made car seat covers. In fact it's not uncommon for some car owners to report unacceptable wear of the driver's seat even after a few months of ownership. Tailored car seat covers can give great long term protection by slowing down the wear and tear process and can increase the resale value to vehicles of any age. Custom car seat covers are also an affordable way of renewing either old or worn upholstery for a fraction of the price of replacement.

July 2011

Citroen C2 VTS

Our tailored car seat covers in Lime Green Leatherette with Quilted Diamond Pattern stitched throughout featured in the July 2011 issue of Totally Modified Magazine.

May 2010

Upholstery replacement

A typical problem that keeps occurring even on nearly new cars is a stretched and creased patch left on the leather cover of the driver's seat base which won't give the owner much concern until slight signs of cracking start to appear. The solution to this problem is usually the replacement of the leather seat cover under warranty. Unfortunately this solution may bring in a new problem: the colour shade and finish of the replaced seat cover do not match the rest of the interior. Car owners should bear in mind that the leather manufacturing process is quite complex. Because of its nature and complexity even a small change in the whole method may cause significant variations to the final product. This can be expected during the vehicle's production lifetime as car manufacturers attempt cost reductions all the time by improving the efficiency of their processes. This doesn't mean necessarily a lower quality product, in many instances it will be a better product indeed, however it will be a slightly different product for sure. So replacing the original car seat cover may not always be the best solution. Preventive protection by fitting a tailored car seat cover could be the solution to this common problem. Some car owners are still reluctant to use car seat covers due to the bad reputation earned by cheap, badly designed universal car seat covers, however a quality, well designed protector won't cause any problem as neither looks nor full control of the seat's safety and comfort features will be affected.

August 2009

Fiat Stilo Active Sport

Our custom car seat covers in Red Faux Leather with Quilted Diamond Pattern stitched throughout featured in the August 2009 issue of Max Power Magazine.