List of commonly asked questions

Do your products replace the original, factory fitted seat covers?

No they don't. Our products fit over the original, factory fitted seat covers.

How do they fasten on to the seats?

The seat-base cover fastens with elastic loops which are secured to the underside of the seat with metal hooks. The backrest cover fastens either with Velcro or elastic tie-downs.

Do you offer a fitting service?

At present a fitting service is not offered.

Are your products difficult to fit?

Our seat covers are designed to be installed by the general public. Patience and determination are more important than experience. However installation may require removal of some seat parts. See details below:

Front seats: removal not required
Headrests: removal required (front and rear)
Rear seat-base: removal always required (usually clipped in)
Rear backrest: removal occasionally required
Rear armrest: removal may be required

Do your seat covers provide for side airbags, split rear seats, armrests, seat adjusters, folding trays and cup holders?

Yes, our covers are fully tailored to your specific model and version and will take care of all the safety and comfort features.

What about electric heated seats?

Yes, our seat covers are fully compatible with electric heated seats.

Do prices quoted by e-mail include the costs of making headrests, armrests and map pockets?

Yes, all costs are included in our quotes.

Do you charge extra for a two-colour design?

There is not extra charge for a two-colour design or for contrast stitching.

How can I be sure that the product you supply will fit my car?

Unlike universal seat covers which are aimed at a very wide range of cars by using an average sized seat as a template, a tailored seat cover is made specifically for a vehicle model year and version. This means that a dedicated template is created from the actual seats. Sub-templates are also made to cater for different trim levels or body styles. How do we do this? We borrow the car from a local dealership if it is a new release or from a second hand car trader if an older one.

Do you supply seat covers for all cars available on the market?

No, we don’t. Templates are very expensive to produce due to level of expertise and amount of time required. Therefore efforts are on to cars sold in bigger numbers and on to those we get most enquiries for. Should the correct template for your car not be available, we will tell you so. We will never supply a product that is not suitable just for the sake of making a sale.

Do I need to supply measurements of the seats?

No, these are built into the templates, however occasionally we may ask to measure some items which can vary within a model range.

Do I need to supply phographs of the seats?

Yes, depending on the vehicle we may need to see photographs in order to use the correct template or to confirm feasibility.

I am not sure about my car’s seat specifications and cannot tell the difference. Can you still help?

Yes we can. This is why we always ask to see photographs of the seats.

Would people realize that these are seat covers?

When fitted properly, people will not realize easily that these are slip over seat covers unless you tell them.

Do your products cover the full seat, including the back?

Of course they do. These are NOT universal fit.

Why are your products more expensive than those available at car accessory outlets?

Off the shelf seat covers sold in car accessory outlets are universal, and produced in batches of hundreds if not thousands sets. Universal seat covers use an average sized seat as a template, and a standard design to minimize costs.

Tailored seat covers are individually and specifically made for customers and therefore more expensive.

What kind of inclusive guarantee does JC Seat Cover offer on products?

A two year guarantee is offered on all products against material or manufacturing defects that can cause individual parts or areas of the product to fail. The individual item will be either repaired or replaced depending on what it's more expedient or cost effective. A claim needs to be supported by photographic evidence though. Please note that accidental damage or misuse is not covered including dye transfer stains from dark coloured clothing and use of aggressive, solvent based cleaners.

What is the average turn-around time?

Average turn-around time is approx. 4-5 weeks. Please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions of sale for more details on this topic.

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